Why WordPress security checklist is so important now, As we read in various reports most of the blogs are working on WordPress only and hacking attempts are increasing day by day. so we are mentioning the same here:

15 WordPress security checklist

wordpress security checklist

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Why PHP security?

PHP security is important because still on the internet 80% of blogs using WordPress or normal PHP for static pages.

Maintaining a website risk-free and secure from exterior strikes and data leak is a priority for each internet developer. Susceptibilities prevail throughout the web designing procedure as well as most…

What are HTTP Security Headers?

HTTP security headers are fundamentally headers that ensure the mentioned and the mentioning program from executing pernicious code. That is, it secures both, you and your webpage’s client on the off chance that the web application is infused with pernicious code on the page.

HTTP security headers are served straightforwardly…

What are malware and its types?

Malware originally targeted computers themselves: logging keystrokes, swiping information, and spreading to various other machines whenever feasible. With the introduction of the internet, nevertheless, a new breed of malware was created especially to target sites, their proprietors, and also their visitors.

Malware is self-propagating software that’s developed to damage internet…

Before starting how to test insecure deserialization first we go through what is insecure deserialization and its impacts on any application

What are Serialization and deserialization?

Serialization is the way toward changing over complex information structures, for example, objects and their fields, into a “compliment” design that can be sent and gotten as a successive…

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